Keystone Discovery Group

Keystone Discovery Group was formed in April 2013 to provide marketing research and consulting services to its clients working in the health care industry

Although we are a relatively new company, the company's owner has nearly 25 years of experience as a marketing research professional specializing in health care.

Our capabilities cover a wide range of qualitative and some quantitative methodological approaches... please select the "Capabilities" option to learn more specifics of what we can offer.

A large and varied list of pharmaceutical companies, research vendors, communications agencies, and others have successfully worked with our owner through the years. We have addressed a wide range of informational needs and target audiences, but we are best known for extensive experience working with payers and other non-traditional audiences, including health plans, PBMs, specialty pharmacy providers, retail pharmacy, wholesalers, etc. Please select the "Experience" button to learn more of what we have accomplished successfully with our clients.

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